Hebden 500

Celebrate 500 years of creativity


Civil War at the Bridge

Above: The Battle of the Bridge - the local Civil War was re-enacted today, thanks to the Hebden Bridge History Group. Read more - 11 July

Birthday party draws crowd of hundreds read report and see photos - 21 June

Hebden 500

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGE - with buns, bangs and bands. On June 19, to mark the 500th anniversary of the Packhorse Bridge, the streets of Hebden will be ringing to the sounds of mediaeval music, horses' hooves and some loud bangs. More info - 14 June


Helen of 4 Gates

HELEN OF FOUR GATES - film ‘lost’ for 90 years, used Hebden Bridge as a location. Heart-rending tale returns to its local roots. On June 10, local people will be flocking to the Picture House to watch the film - Helen of Four Gates - as it shows on a public screen for the first time in 90 years. More info - 26 May


So Hebden Bridge

Eye-catching signs go up at both ends of Hebden Bridge, welcoming people to this creative hotspot and to the 500th anniversary celebrations.


Hebden 500 postcards

Hebden 500 postcards - Why email when you can send a Hebden 500 postcard? As part of the Hebden 500 celebrations, a set of new postcards has been created to make sending and receiving a greeting a real pleasure. Read more - 18 March


Twin towns presents  birthday gifts

Twin towns presents birthday gifts. Visitors from Hebden Bridge's twin towns have presented local people with birthday gifts to mark the 500th anniversary of the packhorse bridge. Read more - 13 June

HEBDEN 500 - Glimpses into the past and present of Hebden Bridge are on show as part of the HB500 birthday celebrations, in exhibitions by an up-and-coming local photographer and a world-renowned Magnum photographer. Read more - 31 May

Sound of the Bell

FILMED IN COLDEN: Sound of the Bell - An award-winning film shot at Colden School and in the surrounding area is to be screened during the HB500 film festival. Read more - 12 May


Hebden 500 bus

Photo: Mike Barrett

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